Thursday, May 31, 2007

Russian ICBM Test Sparks Fears of Renewed Arms Race

Russian President Vladimir Putin, while speaking at a ceremony to welcome the Greek Premier at the Kremlin, downplayed fears of a new arms race but cautioned western powers against continuing their efforts to set up missile defense bases in erstwhile soviet republics of Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

In a remarkably similar turn of events in another related story being followed Mr. Prakhar Sharma a.k.a. Jawani has come out with unconditional support to Mr. Satpathy and has assured him the backing of the entire TDS group at Kharagpur in any of his future endeavors. In a press statement issued from his summer residence at Surat Mr. Sharma said,” Being a cuckold is nothing new for me. While this phase has been essentially rejuvenating and strengthening, insecurity in the matter of the upkeep of loved assets is damaging to the economy and must be strongly dealt with.”

Granting moral credibility to Mr. Sharma and Mr. Satpathy’s yet unnamed alliance comes the information from Mr. Umang Jain. According to him on being asked about the status of his relationship with GHIHE Mr. Arish Inam had replied,” Almost Done.”

While this alliance has been not quite surprising happenings in another quarter have been far from expected. According to sources, Mr. Inam is keen on the formation of a mutual support group with a fellow KGPian, one by the name of Rushin Shah. While the aim of this grouping is touted as being,” Help to those KGP students who lost their love for academics”, cynical experts believe it is anything but.

Several futurologists believe the entry into pact politics of previously non-political entities shall make the arena more difficult and unpredictable.

For an article on the economic fallout of President Putin’s announcement turn to Pa… Well, scroll down.

Putin’s Announcement to have Far Reaching Impact on the Kharagpur Economy

The reaction of the world’s financial markets to Mr. Putin’s announcement has been fairly cautious and guarded. Sakhalin’s tourism sector though has shown a 100% growth compared to last year already with two Al-Jazeera Journalists expressing interest to visit the historic island.

In response to the prediction of rising unpredictability in Kharagpur’s political arena Mr. Aneesh Jain’s consultancy firm The World Shall Suck’s shares have gained 16% in value within half an hour of opening bell. Sources also tell of a renewed interest amongst sponsors towards the Spring Fest, IIT Kharagur’s Social & Cultural Festival. One major sponsor, on condition of anonymity, said,” This is the first instance of anyone managing to steal a girl in SF for many years. It definitely means greater promise in the coming years. SF is all set to be a major youth attracting event.”

EMP From Russia’s ICBM Test Turn Electronics Off as Far West as Kharagpur, India

A strategic cruise missile was fired yesterday from a mobile ground-based system on the Island of Sakhalin near the Strait of Tartary, Interfax cited Russian First Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov as saying. The Russians claim the missile to be wiser than any defense shield so far developed by the United States or NATO allies. Authorities at the pentagon could not confirm Russian claims due to a paucity of live data.

An apologetic source at Space Command, Langley confessed that the lone spy satellite available in the Asia-Pacific region was at that point being used to monitor the surge in animation levels of a particular Mr. Abhishek Satpathy at his Calcutta residence. The source also confessed to maintaining a constant watch over the subject since the past few years. In her words, “He is very bright when it comes to profanities but at this particular moment his ingenuity was unbeaten, probably matched only by what was to come a few seconds later.” The Instant she speaks of, the one which was to come a few seconds later, was when an electro-magnetic pulse from the Russian ICBM test turned off the Internet link at Kharagpur disrupting his online conversation with a girl he has been known to hold in high esteem. The messages intercepted by an UAV over the Calcutta region just before the EMP hit read:

GHIHE: Arish has promised to quit smoking for me. Would you have ever done that?

Mr. Satpathy’s message, the one that never reached, has been decoded to mean the now universally accepted symbol of mixed, uncharacterized emotions: “ :) ”.

We shall continue to follow this story as it develops.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Discrete Foundations

Being called a poet is a fate to accept and not resign to. Poets are inconsequential but so is almost everyone else. Poetry doesn’t flow out of thin air. It comes out of this world. It is just as practical as mile-high buildings or voyages to Mars. The other side of practical, the one of knowing what has already been done, of what has already proved its worth lacks imagination, it is ghettoed, worse it is brainless. Calling practicality historical possibilities is limiting.

It just boils down to foundations and poets surprisingly walk the same ground as anyone else. Sorry, but my world class doesn’t mean relegating beggars to outcasts.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

A House of Cards

There's something remarkable about being in a village for while. It could be that the air is clearer for one, but that would suit someone who's been reared perennially in places which don't have enough of it. It could be the green fields, the springing brooks, the mud quarries. It could be the philanthropy, it could be the gratitude you feel for your parents for not having to live without T.V., the internet or McDonald's. None of them seem to fit.
There's something remarkable about being in urbanity too. That is the realization of how remarkably imperfect it is. Of how loosely it all hangs on a few screws and strings. Mile high buildings built essentially on dried crusts of a molten ball. Code so that fewer people can do the same stuff a lot of people used to do before and so that a lot of people can work on making things simpler and a lot of people who need to learn to use these things so that their lives can be simpler. A lot of people of who need to learn how the other lot does their stuff so that they can do part of it and how the other lot needs to learn what they've learnt so that they can help them in helping them. Urbanity isn't necessarily a bad thing, it is really good entertainment for a lot of people which includes me and you. Besides it we wouldn't have much to do.
Urbanity is a reserve of a world where all people aren't really needed to keep it turning. It feels good to be in a village because its assuring. Its assuring that there really are people making it turn.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Un-Repressed Memories

Translucent sheets on the table in front, top view. Fat grumpy fingers mark out a square that's supposed to be the missing plinth line. Clean well-cut nails scratch the surface along every individual plan. Two fat cheeks, a mouth that disappears between them, shriek about how one who doesn't know the basics shouldn't be trying anything this fancy. Anger, and its enough just to start and end on the silly order of those nails and why they would not belong to a hardworking fellow. Plinth lines are obvious. I wish the plinth under me would just grow and take me through the roof.

A whiff and something reminds me of a day in summer during school. The butter sheets, of course. I'd seen them before. The brook by the road, trees on its sides. Me lying in between, Elina and Rahul on either side. A tissue whirls in the eddie under the bridge. Translucent with the oil we didn't eat during supper. The tissue opens along the folds. Rays of sunset come beneath the bridge and through the paper. Elina: "You know, if all three of us are one and you're lying in the middle , it makes you self-centered."

Yes, yes fat cheeks as my mom said I am self-centered and because I still think of her I am immature. But, I'll always be.

The World through Her Eyes

Bless it's Pointed Little Head
- Jefferson Airplane, 69

A stare should really not be unnerving. It is appreciation, gratitude for the most pristine work of art known to man. Every human body is craft, its unique, its a masterpiece. Primordial biases, some choices and there are a few more appreciable than the others.
Wilde was wrong, whatever is underneath, does show up on the surface. Everytime that a predicament offers a choice between hurting the heart thats in that body rules and thoughts bend the other way. Left to themselves, eyes are two-way. The world's seen the same way, as the world sees you. I want to share in that view. It's this sharing that makes beauty worth the pains even after the lights go out.